PRO CHESS LEAGUE week 5 predictions

PRO CHESS LEAGUE week 5 predictions

NM nmpdk

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's been real.

I'm in the middle of 3 back-to-back-to-back (kinda, I get one week off to go to Florida) scholastic state championships, starting with the Illinois High School state finals this weekend in Peoria, IL. 

As such, well, I'm a busy man. I teach a lot of chess. a loooootttttttt. I teach more chess students weekly than there are in your average OSU 100-level lecture hall. Maybe times two.

That said, less comments, more predictions. I missed week four due to said busy-tude, sooooooooooooooooooooooo... I really need to slam em home this time around!


Patagonia Penguins 14
Shymkent Nomads 2

Montclair Sopranos 10
Mumbai Movers 6

New York Knights 8.5
Delhi Dynamite 7.5

Minnesota Blizzard 10
Odisha Express 6

Amaravati Yodhas 9.5
Carolina Cobras 6.5

Gorky Stormbringers 10
Philadelphia Inventors 6

Montreal Chessbrahs 6.5
Norway Gnomes 9.5

Riga Magicians 3
Dallas Destiny 13

Atlanta Kings 4
Stockholm Snowballs 12

Amsterdam Mosquitoes 7.5
Miami Champions 8.5

Abuja Rockstars 9.5
Columbus Cardinals 6.5

Saint Louis Arch Bishops 6
Marseille Migraines 10

 San Jose Hackers 11
Budapest Gambit 5

Webster Windmills 5
Ljubljana Direwolves 11

Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers 9
Lagos Leatherbacks 7

New Jersey Knockouts 8.5
Apeldoorn Apes 7.5

Johannesburg Koeksister 4.5
San Francisco Mechanics 11.5

Belgrade Sparrows 7
Portland Rain 9

Hamburg Swashbucklers 7
San Diego Surfers 9

Reykjavik Puffins 8.5
Buenos Aires Krakens 7.5

Seattle Sluggers 9
Dublin Desperados 7

London Lions 9
Las Vegas Desert Rats 7

Cannes Blockbusters 7
Rio Grande Ospreys 9

London Towers 10
Toronto Dragons 6