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    • Sicilian: The special opening Part I (Wing Gambit)

      How DO we play the Sicilian? Do you know how much openings you can play with the Sicilian? Do you see your opponent moving 1...c5 and you don't know want to do? All of those questions are usually said by chess players 0 (if there even is one!) to... | Read More

    • Can't you stand to lose?

      Does losing get on your nerve; obivously it does. Actually, I also don't like losing. If you wanted a choice: winning the game or losing the game, what will you pick? Most players will pick "winning the game", but a few people pick "losing the gam... | Read More

    • What is the best reason for playing chess?

      What is the best reason for playing chess? Every day a few chess players ask me this question. At first, I was mystified by this question. But finally, my reply is "When you play chess, you just don't move the piece. You control it, and to the p... | Read More

    • Offtopic or topic blogs?

      Should you ever do a offtopic blog like me or do a chess topic blog? It seems hard to pick, but the choice is yours. I'll want to see how you think about offtopic (and topic) blogs. Like this one. Hey! Where is your thread direction going? | Read More

    • What does a Supernova look like?

      Have you ever looked at a golden premium membership badge and wondered, "What does a supernova look like?" It's not what it looks like in the badge. Well, I'll show you this pic of a supernova. Anyway, it still makes me think of gold membership. ... | Read More

    • Stealing the diamond.

      Have you ever played this game? It has no connection to chess.com , but it lets me think of diamond membership's diamond icon! Now, if I can only find a way to steal chesscosmic's diamond... | Read More