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Is player annotation of value?

Mar 31, 2008, 11:59 PM 1

I'm not sure how many games are annotated by the players.  For some, that have thirty or forty games in progress, it may prove to be a little tedious.  I try to play stronger players by choice and try improve my game.  Maybe I'll only have four or five games in progress.  Still, they are all annotated.  If I win, happy day; however, if I lose I can use my annotations to track mistakes.  Where did the tide turn?  What move would have been better?  By back tracking on a board I keep next to my computer I can try to pinpoint the error and find an alternate move that may have better.  Then the fun begins by playing both sides with zeal and against the other.   I'm I adrift in my own mind?  Does anyone else in our chess community use this method? 




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