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I have been doing chess exercises in a book called "Practical Chess Exercises" by Ray Cheng. The exercises are a mix of tactics and strategy exercises. So far I have gotten 3 out of 8 or so. The one I just did involved moving a pawn forward. When looking for solutions to chess problems I tend to consider first attacks on the king, next queen moves and then rook and minor piece moves and finally pawn moves. So, it took a long time for me to figure out the puzzle but I did. I imagine that a trained chess player would be able to look at the shape of the board (the arrangement of the pieces on the board) and more quickly zoom in on the correct answer. To be able to do this is one of my goals as a chess player.


  • 3 years ago


    I like the Ray Cheng Book, even though I haven't used it in a long while, your post reminds me to open it up more often.  It's set up nicely with the answers on the next page, and covers Tactics and Strategy; a point I really like.

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