A beautiful Endgame

Oct 5, 2007, 6:08 AM |

This match took place here between me and Arm_Arch with a rating of 1551. Things first get interesting around move 7...

7. Nxe5 Nxd5 followed by

8. Qh5+ g6






At this point, White's Ne5 is so intent on attacking two major pieces, King and Rh8 that Black's only viable solution is to sacrifice a rook. But things get interesting. In my previous blog i mentioned a very important factor in one's game and that is to avoid oversights. My opponent committed such mistake probably because of the very tasty-looking Rh8 so when...

9. Nxg6 Nb6 White's  Qh5 is in check, White

He opted for:

10. Nxh8+ Qxh5

as shown in the diagram:







Later on, my Queen fell victim to his vicious attacks and we were forced to go the endgame which is one of the nicest endgames i've had. The diagram shows that i had material advantage but his pawns looked more promising than mine. It was at this point when i had to think really hard about the situation before i even had to make my first endgame move because every move becomes really critical.







I've decided to advance my pawns right away. Shortly after, a series of exchanges took place but my King was more positioned to assist in my pawn advances and the resulting positions follow:







It is at this point when White's King could not do anything but helplessly look at the advancing pawn. Reason being Black's King and Bf5 had him pinned. Eventually he had to retire. Key outposts in this endgame being  c1,c2,c3,d4,e4,g4.