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Group Matches Unfair Rating Pairings

Dec 14, 2014, 2:04 PM 2

The players of the highest ratings should be paired, then, next highest rating, etc... I do not mind if I must play a higher rated opponent, still, what is fair in the minds of the TD & members of each group - should be of great importance to all! Open ratings can still come with intelligence within each side: 3(2200-2151); 3(2150-2101); 3(2100-2051); 3(2050-2001); 3(2000-1951); 3(1950-1901); 3(1900-1851); 3(1850-1801); 3(1800-1751); 3(1750-1701); 3(1700-1651); 3(1650-1601); 3(1600-1551); 3(1550-1501); 3(1500-1451); 3(1450-1401); 3(1400-1351); 3(1350-1301); 3(1300-1251); 3(1250-1201); and so on... Or change the 3 to become whatever # needed! So, now if there is no time to wait for each section to be filled, at least the filled sections will now represent fairness; and, if say 2 each or 1 each in the incomplete sections is also Ok to include! The ratings can be more fair than what TD's are allowed to use now days on chess.com! I have seen many time outs that occurred because of the great difference in the paired ratings, and still, - what of fairness! Maybe this is too difficult a task for any TD on any online chess site__ Yes - No?!

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