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Guess Who Cheats

Feb 24, 2016, 7:12 AM 0

Thru real chess experiences we seek how we stand against other players (win or lose)! To gain experience without coaching from superior chess players is what most chess players are (never make GM skills) unless they have prodigy skills. Cheating, it seems, could possibly be computer programmers that wish to test their engines against real chess players.... they should have permission so that chess.com members have some knowledge of such and our ratings have a minimum points (add / subtract) or options for regular points. Anyways, real cheaters need to impress someone else with rating skills that they do not have - I would guess! Or, they own computer chess devices and wish to see how they really rate! Or, 2 or more owners (chess computers) will join a tournament just to see how good they are. Or, they hope that the computer can get them out of a losing game because they have not skills. *We all need chess.com to somehow grant these people permission to use such devices and rate minimum amount of points (add / subtract). How many times do we see: "How can we know if someone is cheating"? Reply, "We don't"!  **Can chess.com or anyother chess site really determine if someone is using a chess computer to make their moves?  *What if they use it only 1, 2 or 3 moves in a game when they get numb? **Using a chess engine for an entire game is likely to be someone that is a beginner who could use some real help. **Cheating to win is something that inexperienced chess players will do.  Why?  Who really knows (very young person / no real skills)! Or, maybe someone is trying out their new chess computer.   Anyways, I am just guessing...... Could be worth so many dollars per month membership?!

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