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    • Capture and Games from 2016 US Open

      Hi everyone! Four years later after 2012 US Open, I finally played in another one, the 2016 US Open took place in Indianapolis. I was 1600+ when I entered 2012 US Open, and thankfully I've been lucky enough to climb to USCF expert class as I enter... | Read More

    • Stepping Away from Chess Again

             Since I came back for tournaments in March 2015 for USCF tournaments, I gained some rating to get back to around USCF 2100 by playing several really fine games and tournaments against players rated sub-2000 and masters as well. ... | Read More

    • 2013 Thanksgiving Open in St. Louis

      I played in the Thanksgiving Open in St. Louis from Nov 30 to Dec 1. I was expected to bring my rating back to 2000 in this tournament, but unfortunately I dropped my chance by slipping from a winning position on round 4. I scored 3/5 in open sect... | Read More

    • The Bill Wright St. Louis Open

      The Bill Wright St. Louis Open took place from April 12-14. This tournament includes a total prize of $10,000. Among the 41 players in the open section, there were more than 20 masters (including 8 GM, 3 IM, 2 FM, 10 NM). Before the tournament, I... | Read More

    • Personal Games Collection

      From August 2012 to October 2012, my USCF rating went from 1610 to 1828. During that 3 months I had some nice games played and I want to share some of them.    First of all, I would share two of my games played in 2012 Midwest Class Champioshi... | Read More

    • Games from 2012 US Open

      I entered 2012 US Open rated as 1610. After finished the entire 9 rounds in the tournament, I finished at Class B 2nd place (scored 5.5/9 with a performance rating 1970). My rating went up from 1610 to 1719. Here are three of my good games played ... | Read More

    • 2012 US Open Final Standing

      No. Ttl Name St Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 Rnd6 Rnd7 Rnd8 Rnd9 1 GM Hoyos, Manuel Leon MEX 2679 8.0 -X- W 86 W 27 W 24 W 6 W 9 W 10 D 11 D4 2 GM Gurevich, Dmitry IL 2539 8.0 W246... | Read More

    • Final Score Report of Chess Exam and Training Guide

      After working on IM Igor Khmelnitsky's Chess Exam and Training Guide for four days long (spent some time in each day with an average speed of 5-10 minutes for each diagram's questions), I finally went over the whole 100 questions and spent a long ... | Read More

    • GM Yifan Hou VS GM Judit Polgar

      GM Yifan Hou (born 1994) together with GM Judit Polgar, are currently the strongest two female chess players in the world. Polgar is rated as the toppest femlae player, while GM Yifan Hou is the ever youngest world chess champion in history, for b... | Read More