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    • The colorful people one meets on live Blitz

      Hello, its been ages since i post a blog. Mainly because of work. Ive never stopped playing though. I keep training and studing and only playing people who are rated higher than i am and not "fishing" for points. Thats why my rating is so low. And... | Read More

    • Otro torneo de clases

      | Read More

    • OTB...que desastre.

      I had this guy....OH MAN I HAD HIM. After 2 hours his experience totally got me. I have to say i did learn so much about myself during this game. This guy was trying to psyke me out during the game, slaming pieces and all that... man, in the end c... | Read More

    • OTB April Tournament

      Man i lost. It took 2:45 (2 hours:45 minutes). It was pretty intense. I have to admit after two months playing weekly OTB tournaments the "fear" is gone. In its place there is now stress ahahaha. Here is the game with the machines evaluation.   | Read More

    • Faux friend requests, account hack?

      Has this happend to you? You get a message saying so and so has accepted a friend request and you dont remember EVER submitting a request?? Is my account being hacked? Ive already changed the password... it seems strange. | Read More

    • Class Tournament Round 1

      I lost, what surprised me was the rollercoaster of emotions in went through, ranging from: "Why are you doing this? Why am i here, i dont have what it takes" to "i got this guy, he missed it"... and once again i felt the end game was my breaking p... | Read More

    • OTB Club tournament game

      I had this game, i just could not close the deal. Fatigue plays a big role in OTB games, still its an awesome experience. | Read More

    • Why is this an illegal move?

      Why is Kxg4 illegal? The bishop is pinned right?? | Read More

    • A game

      Buenas, No tengo ganas de escribir en ingles, es tarde, estoy cansado y acabo de jugar un juego todo electrico de cinco minutos. Lo gane bien ganado y despues de un dia de "perdedera cronica" una victoria cae muy bien. Aunque dicen que perdiendo ... | Read More

    • weak pawns

      Im too tired, too late, i really liked how this "last of the day" game turned out.   enjoy | Read More