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-from a really cool guy´s vlog

-from a really cool guy´s vlog

Aug 16, 2009, 12:59 AM 0

Maybe intuition is some sort of subconscious calculation? Perhaps our conscious mind cant really work that far ahead? I don't know, I'm nowhere near your level but sometimes i just feel for it. Of course this only works with players at my level (sometimes).

The mind is a very complicated computer. I saw a video on Fischer that suggested he may have suffered from some mild sort of autism. I don't know maybe he just uploaded all the knowledge and let the multi core processor in his brain process this data and make the the call. But it was crypted in a way only subconscious existence could perceive.  Maybe that instinct is just how our brain delivers results of calculations too complex for us to grasp consciously.

Who knows these things.

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