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... of chess and time.

... of chess and time.

Oct 23, 2009, 7:14 AM 2

Realized the other day I've been playing "mail-chess" for 4 months. Every single day, many many hours. Its a journey man. Its got a learning curve and an exposure factor. Also lots of respect for the people over the many many years and billions of games, that took and take the time to make sense out of all that potential chaos. At least for me as a newb, its still chaos with hints of order. In the distance. But there.

Ive played all kinds of people. Not every single kind mind you. The all kinds is more a figure of speech then empirical accuracy. Every single person plays chess differently. There are behaviours of course, but peoples play is like a fingerprint. Specially if you've played this person more then once. It becomes sparing. I'm playing this dude from Belgium. Man hes good. But the desire to want to beat him, makes me become better. Or at least be aware of the bar that i have to reach. And this is repeated with every person i play here and in fb. For some reason i do better in FB chess then here. I guess in my range of skill this site offers more quality of players then on the FB equivalent. Either way i still get my *ss kicked by the regular 900+ every once in a while. But i have to come to every single game as tho I'm playing the most complicated evil player ever. With the objective being victory. Scrw the Queen and her awesome power. If i manage to lure you to use your last rook to capture my Q and after the exchange I'm still up 2 rooks its victory I'm after.

Damn i love chess.


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