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1000 games pointless ramble

1000 games pointless ramble

Aug 2, 2010, 9:22 PM 2

i know its not a big deal but having a slight case of OCD the number hits a nerve that makes me twitch. I say slight because my quasi OCD has not given me much financial success, its made me a decent cook, a pseudo ok gardener, a chronic excel sheet user, and a pretty good grocery shopper. It has also improved my chess game. No riches, no books and no university degree. Why? You see my OCD comes with a slight ADD. Yes, im obsessive until i lose interest and move on to the next excel sheet organized activity. However with chess i found something ive not yet grown bored of. In over a year. Except for a 3 or 4 week period of intense apathy earlier this year and the sporadic losing streak blues, im still here. Playing every day all day. I guess i have to thank my job for it, when im not looking at chess moves here im practicing (and excel logging) tactical drills and solving puzzles. I want it to become second nature to see patterns. Its worked a bit i guess, but interestingly enough in opening that door ive found the door to deeper levels of "clairvoyance". I have found myself putting myself unconsciously in better and better situations. Anyhow thats another story. This post is about me having played a 1000 chess games here and feeling compelled to tell you about it. I wonder how much more my game can improve. Im doing the chess defeats reviews in a way that i really dont find boring at all and that i believe will leave a profound impression in the way i evaluate games. And there is this guy that always finds my inner chess monologue insanity a funny read. Im also doing tactics every day... one of these days ill go back to 5min blitz...oh 5min blitz. I loved/hated it. My rating there is a more humble 900 ish. The other day i ventured to try my luck and played a 900+ player and wore him out. It was great.

Anyhow its 11:20 pm and im really tired. I will buy a subscription for this site, once i figure out how to send them money from central america. I refuse to have a credit card. Another piece of strategical thinking i have chess to thank for.


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