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a chess blog 1

a chess blog 1

Nov 18, 2009, 6:18 PM 0

This may be the last episode of this charade. So... i used to play every day chess to deal with the stress of the week. A. whom i love. Twigg who is my ultimate sparring mate and local mathematiciaon. Kitten with her british charm, spit fire with cold steel... sometimes if attentive, predictable responses, that sometimes end up being traps of doom. Higher chess is achievable. But your chessclorians have to be at a certain minimum. There is but a little of discipline to realize that there are formations. Man i never e4. EVER, its always either queens gambitish, maybe faking an english that turned into an indian...etc etc. I HATE that roman dude. Hoever his style of explaining does set the bar for ENFERMIZO like commitment level.

Of red wine. Whilst playing chess constantly and realizing the subtle holes in early on exchanges, sometimes if your lucky.... brungs me to the ultimate question.... DOES YOUR RATING or as i call it "the number next to my name"...The nerve.

Im not saying that im playing any b etter, but the ratio of games where i make STUPID mistakes is usually in the precense of a 900.

I have a system of playing here. I will repeat it in what is ultimately my stuppidest obsession. I only play doing seeks from 0000 to whatever the MFKIN number by my name is. I HATE TO LOSE::::::: HATE TO BE OUTSMARTED BY SOME PUNK.... but i slack. I deserve what happens at moments of over confidence. Chess has been the determining didactic tool into the mindset of "if youre loosing is either because youre not trying harder... that or youre just lazy.



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