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Bla, bla, Sunday.

Bla, bla, Sunday.

Jul 26, 2009, 1:52 PM 1

Its Sunday. A great day. Ive been playing chess for the most part of the day. Ive come to the realization that there are different types of chess based on the time allowed to think. I love mail chess. It gives you the opportunity to take your time and exercise the mental projection muscle. The computer chess on MassChester with the different personalities in Fischer 15-10 (long) allows me to get used to the online tempo i use while giving me a good blunder cardio. The machine is ruthless with stupid blunders on characters 1000 and above. I also use the MassChester for the drill section. Its excellent to tune your vision to what patterns for each piece feel like. The addition of the time controls makes for a great over all training experience. Then i get on chess base. And play some random dude live on 15-10 (long). Some random 1300+ dude that attacks with fierce. He soon realizes I'm no fool. The battle is hard. I have to stretch my thoughts and bend my mind to another place. A place of logic, consequence and difficult decisions for the greater objective. Victory. And for victory even the most powerful weapon is worth sacrificing.

I'm not sure how i won this game, but I'm very sure how i did not lose it.



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