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Dec 13, 2009, 7:40 PM |

Ive been opening for white with d4 now since i cant remember when. I used to open with random stuff all the time just to see what would work. Turns out you can open with the same thing for the rest of your life and have pretty good results, specially if youre playing a person that is not too familiar with the general vairations of the attack or defense. The only drawback is the minute something changes, for example some crazy basterd doing a reti or english or something like that the whole operation colapeses. Well i wouldnt really say collapeses, more like shifts to another place. The reason i like the d4 opening is because i really like the structure it sets out to create. The whole e3 cover and the Nc3 after c4, i mean its just sweet. The only problem i had recently was with the Bc4 reply to which the popular defense is Qc2. After the bishop took the knight i found that when taking the bishop with the queen i would set myself up for some fierce attacking from the other knight. Turns out i had to just bring the queen back to C2 instead of paniking. Now im not really sure im explaining this right and im terrible at chess jargon, so ill do a little thingie with the thing that shows you how the thing is... man i suck.


Ok lets see how i figured i should do it.

So in conclusion ive stopped capturing with the queen. Thats all i had to get off my chest. Have a wonderful evening and ress chules!