Chess camping

Chess camping

Jan 18, 2010, 4:09 PM |

I should have kept the moves. On game 3 i thought of it. So i took a photo.

I play 5 min blitz with more powerful players than this dude all the time, at least 4 times a day. Why was this such a challenging game then? I guess playing live face to face in the middle of the beach with some random potentially volatile beer drinking dude can do that to ones edge. I can only talk about game 3 and this photo.

One thing missing here is the rook on h8. Not sure why i swore i had captured the whole board. The whole "do you mind if i take a photo?" thing was too awkward to add the "Can you let me double check if it all came out fine?"

A move or 2 earlier i had sacrificed a queen in order to have him queenless and to be a rook ahead. I figured this dude cant beat me with 2 knights, its a doable (remember im a super amateur chess player) but like nuclear physics, you have to know what you're doing. As soon as i finish typing this ill start training on 2 knight end games.

This dude gave up after i forked the last remaining knight he had with the king. The other knight was lost in a misstep in the coreography of knight movements and chess in general. I took it with that pawn on A.

On game 1 i misstepped and lost a rook to a queen, fortunately my opponent did not position his pieces in a favorable way and left the queen so isolated i managed to chomp pawns with evil knight movements. He was playing white and opened with something other then English, K or Q pawn, cant recall what it was. I responded with 1..., d5 and went that route and managed to win. Of game 2 i cant remember anything except i that i also won... Again sorry about my lack of narration skills i was pretty sun stroked, hung over and dehydrated... This game was played in a beachfront little restaurant at 11am with a couple of beers in hand... i should have annotated the games. Well anyways that's my little tale of chess at the beach.

Thanks for reading.