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Nov 29, 2011, 9:24 PM 5

Why would ANYONE use an engine to cheat here or on any other online chess thing??? Seriously, i break my brains on this site and on the FICS and i wear every single one of my defeats with pride. I think its the defeats who make us who we are, not our victories. I think a victory is a free chess lesson. This comes up because i was asked at the tournament "so where do you play" and i said online and they said, you know all those online people cheat right? Now, i dont know if this is the bitter jabber of the OTB community, but really there is nothing stopping anyone of us from cheaing. To be honest ive never even been tempted to use the opening assitance thingie, i want to learn dude. I study openings separately and never on a game im playing. I review games after i play them and never ever would i think to paste a possition on an engine.


Sorry about the rant but some dude at the FICS called me a cheat mid game, saying i was using an engine, i quit the game and told him: " in my mind i won, you can have the points, and thanks for the compliment"

Ive put YEARS and LOTS of hours into chess, a tree does not make the forest, i dont care if i win or lose a game, screw the points and the elos and all that i just want to get better and play stronger, the rating will follow.

Ok got that out of my sistem, good night.



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