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Fabultastic Intervention of Chessific nature (in d flat)

Fabultastic Intervention of Chessific nature (in d flat)

Aug 6, 2009, 8:37 PM 0

So there I am. All my T´s crossed. My I´s neatly dotted. I think i´ve calculated every possible scenario. Some I cant really calculate to full potential because that’s just short of clairvoyance. I mean, can I expect this dude to really see the game in the exact same way I do? No matter how fancy his playing is, or how in the name of Persian Pizza he managed to quadruple fork my king, queen, rook and the coffee cake by the keyboard, this dude cant see the mate ahead. Its right there. I saw it. FORBID beyond ALL cheating I imput this on ANY chess program. I am a purist with this. My chess programs are to evaluate lost games (I just came up with that) and to be brutally reminded of my mortality by MONA, or SETH, or who ever decides to beat me on Masschester. But now right here I’m about to mate a guy several hundred points wiser then me... and then. Arrow to the head. Far beyond in some corner lied a rouge bishop. A miscalculation.

This is the best game ever. Is it because there are so many people that play better then me? Is it because the people I enjoy playing with have this game of games in common with me? No matter how close you follow a game, there is nothing like playing it. Making the calls, taking the risks, fighting the game. The people I play with all the time are from all over. All kinds of stories and all kinds of insight on many things. Not just chess.  I’ve not met a single perv but then again my post photo isn’t that of a girl. The horror stories I’ve heard from some female chess friends from the prowling desperados (Shame on you). I love this site. Always something to do, somewhere to go, new challenges. And little by little I start seeing patterns in the game. Tiny bitsy little ones, that for sure must have a fancy name and 3 possible outcomes, with respective names of their own.

I don’t know it’s been a looooong day at work and it’s a treat to get home and play some friggin chess.

No one else I know understands. But you, you do.


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