friggin fritz

Aug 30, 2011, 8:52 AM |

Man how HORRIBLY frustrating is this program!!!... mind you its fritz 11. A friend of mine has it and were trying it out and it seems like you need a phd to understand how to use the thing. The only OOOONLY thing i want the stupid thing to do is to analyze a game and give me advice in the form of arrows and SPOKEN comments and EASY to see variations. All i get is a string of anotation which makes it a complete DREAD to work with, no spoken anything and no arrows and the menus are a nightmare and i cant see the use of it all... im still to much of a rookie to be "past" chessmaster, but man i was thinking that at one point id get fritz, you know, its what EEEEEEEEEEVERYONE has.... im just really frustrated at how difficult it is and how simple i think it could be... like a billion options and a crappy manual that tells you very little...