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...From the grave.

...From the grave.

Aug 12, 2009, 1:04 PM 0

I hope this is not offensive. I mean its really just chess master matching 2 deceased famous players that would have never met. I comment about it and learn a bit about what these to pseudo voices from the grave have to say on the chessboard. I wonder what CM uses to determine each players choices. Could it be from a game database? or from just style and preference. Who knows. This should prove to be an interesting match up. Unreal and full of fantasy, but hey worst case scenario this is just the machines engine making an educated guess. More to come after watching the game. Here is Robert James "Bobby" Fischer Vs José Raúl Capablanca

Wao, that was crazy. Some parts towards the end of the middle game lost me i must confess. But overall it was a great show of chess. Machine chess, but hey both of those machine chess reincarnations would have beaten me dead.

Hope you enjoyed. I learned a couple of things.

More to come.

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