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Nov 2, 2009, 3:06 PM 1

I don't know. I just seem to be stuck. I mean i still love chess but i feel like i just hit a plateau of skill. I mean I'm an advocate of the screw your rating but man after battles and battles i kind of wear mi little number with pride. I still think the percentage of victories reflects your real skill level in a unit i like more. Still Ive not played a live human being chess EVER. Well yes ever, but not since ive spent all the INSANE hours ive spent in this place for the last few months as part of my job. I do have a bit of performance anxiety. Would i get all nervous and do stupid things? or with once presented with the challenge, will i get into a very comodo place and just play.

This thing we do here, this chess thing, is something i do not share with anyone else but the digital entities i see thru a monitor. No one in my family plays chess. I do not socialize with a single neighbor doubt any play chess. And only 1 of all my friends plays chess. Hes got a FIDE rating of 1200 and some crap. He can play without a board a little deep into almost a complete game. He may be shtn me but still 1200+ elo with many tournament games is for me a TOTAL layman. Not bad. I have no idea what i would be. Ill eventually gather the courage to go to the chess place. There is only 1 chess place in my country. Not really sure about the federation either.

So Kasparov is training the Norwegian kid. Want some controversy? I think people with "mild" or a "hinch" of autism have a hardware advantage over someone who does not. I think its awesome Kasparov is training him. Its like almost scientific in spirit to try to do things for the sake of chess. I may differ ALOT with Mr. Kasparov about his views on several issues, but the man is the best player in the history of the milky way. At least. And now he takes on training a kid who is almost a friggin elf playing chess. Of Course i lack the level of chess skill necessary to appreciate such a spectacle (maybe one day) but i still think its awesome that the winner in all this is chess.


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