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...if you dont like to wait then dont play 3 day a move chess.

...if you dont like to wait then dont play 3 day a move chess.

Oct 8, 2009, 11:36 AM 7

I cant tell you how ENFURIATING it is for me to get side chats reading

"Faster faster faster"

... I always try to appeal to reason by saying stuff like

"Hello there, as you can see, this is a 3 day a move game. Im at work so i cant make moves every 2 minutes. I will make them as soon as im off the phone tho. thanks . =) "

The smile face is an extra peace offering.

Answer: "then quit"

2nd attempt at reason: "Wait 1 minute, youre telling me that i should quit because i cant move super fast on a 3 day a move game" ?

Ive been told that disaabling the chat is the way to go. Personally i quit the game and never EVER play this person again. I cant concentrate as i would like to playing an idiot. I dont play idiots. Its distracting and really anoying. And honestly i dont care about the points. He didnt earn them anyway and thats what really counts....

I had to step back and breathe there for a moment.

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