Jeu du jour Jun-01-2010

Jeu du jour Jun-01-2010

Jun 1, 2010, 8:22 AM |

[Date "2009.11.16"]
[White "Polgar,Ju"]
[Black "Dominguez Perez,L"]
[WhiteElo "2680"]
[BlackElo "2719"]

The purpose of these is to see some of my favorite players win. I love Judith Polgar, so i went to her database and pickt a random game. This one happens to be a defeat... i figure i may as well sit on the defeat seat to see it before it happens. Im also not a big fan of watching ties... i guess i should, just to see when to offer... i dont know, in any case heres a game.

Pretty exciting stuff. I love her. I find women who play chess very attractive. May be because i dont know any that do.