Jeu du jour Jun-22-2010

Jeu du jour Jun-22-2010

Jun 22, 2010, 5:38 PM |

[Event "II Nezhmetdinov Mem"]
[Site "Kazan RUS"]
[White "Kurninov,A"]
[Black "Hamidullin,A"]
[WhiteElo "1776"]
[BlackElo "2188"]
[EventDate "2010.05.31"]

Man what a crazy last couple of weeks. This may sound silly, but i heard and asimilated for the first time the idea that one should always compete against stronger foes. Its paying off. FInally. I may be visiting the whole 1300s ville but its been amazing. Even if my rating went down to 800 i feel im looking at games differently. Ive tuned my training regiment to eliminate the crappy parts and began adding chessbooks to the mix. Im reading 2 right now. One on openings for beginers and one for aspiring ninjas on positional concepts. I watched the searching for bob pescador movie last week and the idea of the importance of positional play over tactics stuck. Makes perfect sense. The mist of chess clears a bit more to reveal A TON of mist left. What joy.

Here is a game from that FANTASTIC this week in chess site. It rocks.