...Ladra que muerde no perra

...Ladra que muerde no perra

Aug 27, 2009, 7:11 PM |

So after almost 2 weeks of work at home chess exposure I do feel a difference. For starters I’m losing with a bit more grace and dignity. I’m wining with a bit more confidence and I’m making some very good friends. My rating however jumped to 1200+ on the account of one of those team matches that hook you up against the same dude for 5 games... the dude I was playing must have had some pressing business because I won on time all 3 games, and since he was a 1300... BOOM. I’m a fake 1200. Its fine, I’m playing enough evil players to make that plateau to a more realistic 1100 something.

My approach to games has changed a bit. I’m not getting into the whole team match thing too much lately. At 35+ games here and another 20+ on FB my hands are full. I want to take more control of my chess experience by creating seeks within my level. I know it’s not the most pro active approach, but every once in a while, more then less, I find some EVIL 1100s that give me the run for the hills. Or I slip in a burst of overconfidence at a 900s attempt to make me run for the hills. In any case I try to "fish" for a game making the higher end of the seek to be the exact same rating as mine and not the recommended 200+ above. Why? Because and that’s all I have to say about that. As my rating goes up so will the fishing parameters and the increment in difficulty in games. Again this is relative because there are some evil underrated players out there.

I also have a group of my "chess buddies". So what’s a chess buddy? Well it’s this person who you have great chats with, and great games with. Some chess buddies always beat me and I always beat some chess buddies and some are even Steven. But then all of a sudden the rules change and the beaters become the beat and so on. The point is that the experience goes beyond the board into a great chat and update on current events on whichever part of the world I’m playing against.

Man I love this site.

I love being able to have so many games at once and to be able to be exposed to some really brilliant minds. Something about chess heads mentality that just clicks with me. At least on this site. On face book I must admit I’m playing a couple of idiots... well here too. But fewer. Much much fewer. More like 2. In any case life goes on and so does chess. I’m trying not to get too intimidated by the chess jargon on the more studied peoples posts while at the same time trying to educate myself with the CM tactics section and with Romans NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE chess encyclopedia videos... its not that he´s a bad teacher its just that he goes at speeds that have made difficult for me to really develop a system to understand. But I’m slowly getting the hang of it. My greatest problem now is the pawn king end game. I know it’s silly. Opposition and critical squares bla bla. But again, the "on my own terms" approach make me want to keep looking into it until I absorbed the idea enough for me to do instinctively. Like i can do with the queen king and the rook king respectively.

As far as the play by play action, i decided to do only 2 a day. One day Fischer, one day Kasparov and every day some random game. Sometimes from the CM database of famous games, sometimes from recent chess events and sometimes just random. Lots to see and learn out there. The reason i cut down was because it became a HASSLE to do 3 games. I began to feel obligated to do them, and that’s a bad thing, because that can turn into "SCREW THIS" real fast. So ill keep it fun. I won a game on the CBASE server... i was amazed. I played my heart out. I can only or WILL only play 15+10, blitz chess gives me heartburn, and small seizures. Ill tell you one thing tho, a 1200 on the Cbase server is EVIL. Live chess here is fun but the other night some dude made some rude comments about Islam and how Muslims have no place in this chat and so on. Im a faith vegan all the way but i truly respect peoples believes. I know this in no way reflects the views of all the good people that play live but it pist me off real good. That and the disconnections... and people quitting games like 4 moves into the game making my rating go up in what i call an unrealistic manner... ok enough bla bla. Got to play some chess.