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Live 5 min blitz - June/18/2011

Live 5 min blitz - June/18/2011

Jun 18, 2011, 9:40 PM 0

Alrite so i figured i would start recording games on youtube to think outloud. This is my first attempt at recording anythin on youtube, much less a live chess game. It was really fun. I didnt win the game tho, my oponent lost it.  Anyhow i will be posting these every once in a while. Im almost completely sure im not allowed to post youtube links so lets see how long they let this one go for.



And thats the game. I got really lucky at the end there. I had to cut the video because the other players name came up in the end, next video will have some music. I really enjoyed thinking outloud. Here included is the PGN.





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