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Mentor lines

Mentor lines

Jan 4, 2010, 4:11 PM 3

Are there tips you don't share with people because of the old (poorly translated) saying "never sharpen an apprentice´s knife so that it may cut your own head"? Well i don't care, i think no one thinks the same. And if by helping someone out I'm making him a better player, then all the better, chess-karma points for me.

In my endless efforts to get my kung-chess-fu growing, I've now implemented a new exercise. Well a couple more. Now using the chess master program i play the training mode (AGAINST CHESS MASTERS VIRTUAL PLAYERS) with the mentor lines. Now many of you may know this tool but for me it was jackpot. Basically you can set up your screen on the training window so it gives you an on going calculating tool for the best and most likely continuations. I have it set for the best 2 moves. The amazing thing is that it keeps calculating as you wait. So sometimes it takes a bit to settle on a move. Im finding it super useful. I play against WAAAY higher rated players (CHESS MASTERS VIRTUAL PLAYERS, NOT REAL PEOPLE!!!!!) for 5 minute blitzes. I also play with the chess board with higher rated player with 1 minute on the computers clock and 100 minutes on mine so i can "train" my ability to, while looking at the board, guess what the machine is likely to play. I sometimes hit it and most times i don't. (BECAUSE SOMETIMES I DONT AGREE WITH WHAT MY VIRTUAL MENTOR SUGGESTS) But after a while you see patterns. And anyways its so beautiful to see a game develop into a one sided match just because of AMAZING opening positional play. (AGAIN THIS IS ONLY PLAYING AGAINST THE COMPUTERS VIRTUAL PERSONALITIES)

On the other hand I'm practicing my current opening schemes with 1 minute blitz and the mentor just to see what are the most common responses to 1.e4, c5 when I'm black, or what to do in 1.d4,... when I'm white. (AGAINST CHESS MASTERS VIRTUAL PLAYERS ONLY, NOT FOR REAL GAMES) At one minute bursts playing against different rated MONSTERS (ONE OF CHESS MASTERS VIRTUAL PLAYERS, NOT REAL PEOPLE)the exposure is just amazing and i seriously recommend it. At least to see what one can be capable of doing if one knows what one is doing. It is like having a mentor.



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