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Jul 21, 2009, 9:01 PM 0

I hate to lose. Its just a terrible feeling. Specially when i really fight for victory. After all, we do play to win. This one time I'm bending my mind to its limits...just then... in that very second of pure zen and tube like concentration... fork o´clock. Or better yet, "discover attack" your queen a new hole. The first words out of my mouth are all obscene.

Then it strikes me, a queen may be a liability too... Maybe a tempo taker like a BS check, you know, to buy you some time. Many a time I've popt a cap on someones queen to discover that it was all part of a more sinister and dark plan by my rival. So capitalizing on this new found weakness i managed to pull a royal fork. I went on to lose that match in pure shame. But man did i enjoy that fork. And all it took was 1 mistake.



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