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Of kung fu and the CHOW lin

Of kung fu and the CHOW lin

Oct 19, 2009, 6:38 PM 5

I'm currently 1200+ Wont be there too long tho. Only reason I've gotten that high is because 3 or 4 dudes quit some games. Mind you some were 900+ and added very little. You'Ve got to watch your games if you want to be 1300+. I would like to think that the higher ranks of masters remember the HARD WORK behind that number. Well i ain't got no teacher, no chess club, no fritz. Then again i probably lack the discipline associated with high chess as a profession. Anyhow I'm 1200+ here and 1300+ on facebook chess. Powered by this wonderful site. Bless its heart. I still need to figure out how to send money from Panama, and if they would take cash.

I think that the whole experience of working from home has made chess a part of my life. I actually enjoy work. It may not be because of chess only, but right now in my life it feels like chess is so important. Man there are some RUTHLESS players here. My range in searching is "Challenge no one  higher then my own". I have, over time, made regular chess buddies. Some are WAY beyond and some are just under rated.

Ive started playing the computer with the opening explorer. I dont play people with it but TONS of opening concepts have stuck. The ENORMOUS universe of chess has begun to become a certain set of situations. Now still tremendously huge but bound to at least a fuzzy set of rules and patterns. I suppose that 100 thousand more games and constant schooling should make me better.

Anyhow i figure id write something since its been a while. In other news Maradona is an idiot, i don't watch NFL, i ate too many ribs at the BBQ, OJ did it, i decided to do Qside openings all week and french defense all week for e4s...


Ress chules!


That was my costume for a costume party.

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