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Of mind and chess

Of mind and chess

Nov 24, 2009, 7:45 PM 3

Does your rating reflect your current state of mind? Are you up when you're ok and down when you're miserable? Or does feeling like crap sharpen your skills? Does feeling happy distract you? Can you play when you're drunk, or sleepy or tense in the same way you can when you're on your best game? First thing i do when i wake up, and its been like this for months, is play chess. I usually mess up the first move, or overlook something. Then again being distracted can also be associated with just trying to get all the MY MOVE red messages out. This would then be obsessive compulsive in nature.

I don't know, I'm going trough some emotional turmoil now and my game appears not to be affected. Well i suck in the same level is the right way to say it. But i still pull off some mean tricks once in a while. And during this time of distress I've managed to beat a couple of higher rated players that i hold in very very very high esteem. Also some random strangers. In any case, it appears that the experiment of over exposure in chess has given me new data. I'm now at a point where i can play chess more or less without my current state of mind affecting my game. I still screw up sometimes, but the quality of my game has not decreased. It appears to be stable. And besides the rating has a lag. This means that the mistakes you make today in games wont affect your rating until the day the game is over. And sometimes the games fate is decided in the middle game despite having to make many more moves. This is of course if your opponent does not take his eye off the ball. In any case chess fills a place in my life now. Its my vent, my tai chi, my kung fu. A place once held by video games and disgusting tv shows. Both now a thing of the distant past.

It also appears that chess has made my brain more productive. I seem to be able to write.

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