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...On cheating.

...On cheating.

Aug 23, 2009, 8:54 AM 1

I don't cheat. I think the idea of cheating here is absurd. Its like lying about your alergies at a doctors appointment. I do feel a bit annoyed that if i win over a higher rated player, i sometimes get smart comments about how "fast i learn" or how it was like a different person was playing towards the end... Now let me make this clear. I bust my *SS in each and every game i play. I dont even use the opening explorer or the analyze feature because a good friend and mentor told me not to get used to these tools. I dont just play casual chess here. I play many, many, many, many hours. I watch games, i do tactics, solve puzzles, read articles, mainly because my job gives me the oportunity and well, on my off time because i like to play. Im very competitive, and somewhat obsessive. And with chess ive been able to find a healthy focus to my love of competitive games. Why does my rating does not reflect my skill? Because im not playing for rating. I dont want to be 1200 to be beat by a 936. I want to be 1200 on my own terms. Which include brutal exposure to many different sorts of players at the sake of my rating. Im more concerned about my victory % and overall skill growth.

I just had to get that off my chest.

Its just so annoying to break your mind into pieces over a game only to get a insinuation like that... when i lose to a lower rated player i don't care how he won, im more concerned about how i lost.



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