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Aug 11, 2010, 7:15 AM 9

Any OTB +1500 player who joins this site with a temp 1200 rating (meaning he has played few or no games on this site), plays an online 1200, wins and makes fun of the player he defeated is a turd and has no honor. Any OTB player who joins this site with the sole purpose of using the cloak of a temp 1200 to advance in tournaments by being paired with lower rated players is equally a turd in status and has no honor. This, not being illegal is quite immoral and against the spirit of competition in any discipline. Be it chess or hot dog eating, playing lower rated less experienced players disguised as a lower level player to gain advantage is quite the act of douchebaggery. My only consolation lies in the fact that there is no growth in such behaviour. You cant get better by playing only sure wins. My recommendation is to work on you your game and not on your rating, this will help you not be a victim of victory vultures and will make the whole experience of loss and defeat a bit less traumatic and more productive.

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