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Jul 24, 2009, 8:08 PM 1

�Nothing excites jaded Grandmasters more than a theoretical novelty�
(Dominic Lawson)

Hold on. Well this is something that I'm not really too sure about. So, in higher chess (higher meaning... playing for a living. Kind of like tiger woods)...( Not all IMs have tiger money tho right?) we are still coming up with new moves all the time? Unlike in the fields of theoretical astro-existential physics where progress has stopped completely? (bulls**t I'm not really sure about this, my source is that show with the nerds that i watch so much)

That was a very strange construction for thoughts. But that's how my chess mind thinks. I think there has to be a trick to chess. A way of seeing everything. Not spiritual in nature, of course, but as committed as some faiths (as far as hours required). We keep coming up with new chess possibilities. Carls-zen still amazes us, much like tiger does. Maybe in another level. But so do Mariano Rivera and that Hindu guy that ran that marathon that time... no wait he was Ethiopian.



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