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Random strams of thought

Random strams of thought

Jul 23, 2009, 9:02 AM 2

Why don't people want to play chess? So what if some 600 wants to play your 1500? Play him, beat his punk a** and walk away with a better beat %. I'm all about the 2, rating and win %. I play the little chess bastard program on a table board all the time for "blunder-cardio". Am i getting better? I cant tell, i find myself in horrible positions sometimes, and then like an explosion of synchronization things just fall into place on their own. That's usually a combination of the 2 main ingredients.

1- My proper playing (Strategy and defeat based positional play)

2- My rivals screw-ups on point 1

Sometimes i think it just depends on the type of chess you play. The 3 day chess allows me to annotate my own games with the notes feature which is terribly helpful. But the 15 mins games on the live section here or on the EVIL chess base server are a completely different thing. In the Cbase more so because since I'm in a "cheap bastard ain't buy no membership mode" i cant filter by rating like i can do here. So sometimes I'm up against evil players. That make for very interesting games... the engine here is a cute attempt at something that will eventually be the coolest live chess, but for me, not yet. Cbase has that RAW MIRC like feel that makes it nice and proper. And it works perfect. I lay my board next to the computer and its like I'm playing some Russian dude in the park. And sometimes hes actually Russian.



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