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The ultimate Video Game...

The ultimate Video Game...

Jul 18, 2009, 8:11 PM 0

I did interactive role play ( Ghost recon, vice city, ace combat, flight simulator, Splinter cell, freedom fighters, AOE, doom, Zelda, castelvania, Mario, battletoads, duck tales, etc, etc, etc) but chess, is by far the most fun and sickly packed with information. I got chessmaster (sorry fritz enthusiasts) for my bday number 30. I’ve never stopped playing. Chess is insane. Currently I play here, in face book, I’m downloading all sorts of opening stuff, using chessbase to admin the pgn database, Sorry chessmaster enthusiasts, but chess base´s lite interface makes pgn files with multiple games come up as database like files... honestly I would love to buy a membership. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t mind buying one here. I just feel like I have a lot of FREE left out of it before I put money down... not for a couple of months.
Will any of this junk make my game any better? It’s hard to say. I think exposure counts a lot when it comes to the INSANE rich universe of obsessive chess. I can’t wait to get the code for this, most difficult video game yet. I lay a board with a 3.5 inch king chess set and man its like playing in the park. But nothing beats playing in the park tho.
And to be honest this mother of all video games exercises a part of the brain that deals with logical thinking, memory, problem solving by use of tools, and so on.
Chess is here to stay in my life. I hope I don’t get bored like I did with all those other games. But this is different. This is chess.

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