Things so far

Things so far

Feb 22, 2010, 8:44 PM |

Its been ages since i write something. I'm not even sure i wont hit alt f4 and just go to bed. Its 11:23 and I'm doing my final rounds. One being this page. My other home page. Its face book and this thing. Facebook has chess, which i also check, but this page man. This page is were the fighting goes on. This page is where a cute female photo will get you 3 tons of attention and a photo of a fat vomited woman will get you none (pawnstar you truly rock). This page is where dreams are destroyed and some come true. Well in chess at least.

So I'm somewhat crawling out of another loosing streak. It had been a while since i went through one, and this one was devastating. I realized that all my bla bla about the numbers and stats not mattering was a load of bull. When i started seeing that number dropping like tiger woods pants i panicked. Now if it had been all about me gallantly losing in some sort of elegant fashion... but no. It started with forks. I swear in one day i had 4 or 5 forks. I kid you not, in total i FRKT up at least 20 times. I'm talking about here and in facebook. It was like i had a stroke in the part of my brain that handled fork prevention. The more i tried to be aware of forks the more STUPID they became. I dropped from 1295 to 11something in a heartbeat. It was horrible.

That was 2 or 3 weeks ago. Well, like my regular chess-buddies here, i play every friggin day. So i figured i would just shut up and play chess. You know whatever. Take every challenge and try to do my best. Then this site went INSANE on me. It started doing the whole TAKING AGES to load, which has gotten a bit better, and then all these group chess team match thingies came up all at once and all of sudden i was looking at 40+ games. Now this was better. It was like i had begun a new page. Im still screwing up, business as usual but at least im not forking up anymore.

Hey what do you know i did have something to say. Hmm... what else can i rip on? Ive seen some very interesting noticeable social behaviour here recently. Some interesting group dynamics of a very predictable nature. Now just so we are clear, everyone im playing against right now is my friend. Everyone that im playing right now and is in my friend list is my chess-buddy. Everyone that I've played more then 5 games against and is on my friendlist and i have currently a game in progress with right now, is my chess-buddy. Now if weve always had an open game since before XMAS youre a co worker. ahahahha.

My chessbuddies are great. These are usually people ive lost against before and i dont mind losing to. Sometimes they miss a beat and i take the opportunity. Most of the times its a downright fist fight. Here is to those people. The people not too cool to play with me. The people who i kung fu chess fight every day, the people who love to play chess no matter what crappy things are going on in their lives.

Im out of crap to say. Have a good evening chess-land.