This new power i have...

This new power i have...

Jul 27, 2009, 8:28 PM |

Wao, because of my decision to take a second job, which literally FORCES me to wake up at 7 am... To play chess. With some interruptions of course, but full of what Ive become to know as "My private chess time". Ive been playing chess non stop from 7am to 12 noon from Monday to Friday for 1 month now. I still suck. But you know what. I should be able to beat the average Joe player. I say should because, as we all know, demise is the by-product of arrogance. And lets be honest the average Joe (sin ganas de ofender a ningun Jose) just don't play all the time. And dude, the one thing chess insane masters have in common is the amount of time playing. Bullshit alert. I'm not sure about this Ciff-Claven-ism. There may be some crazy dude somewhere that knows this piece of factoid.

I just think that all those hours Ive put into this should show for something. I don't fall for your fools mates. I dint move that f****** bishop on queen side. Unless Ive got you. Which is something Ive noticed and i call my new found superpower. I can see not one but a WHOLE intention away the possibility of your demise. You make a stupid blunder like gIve up your queen for a pawn. Or allow yourself to fall on that knight bishop attack, and you re, unless.... again, plagued by that unholy desire for demise, you ride your ego and your nephew, 14 year old kid you didn't know plays nothing BUT chess on his game doohickey... plays a hard game and wins. You no longer get beaten too stupidly. There is legroom in chess now for you. With a lot of effort, and if you re weak enough, and if the rest of my pieces are developed to take advantage of your poor observation, i should be able to beat you without my queen. I gamble with her ALL THE TIME. The reaction on people that are offered a queen less game is unique.

My new power makes me do well on my other day tasks. I feel more efficient and centered. O yeah, I have also a real office job that takes me a way from chess. Its, actually, the ONLY activity that takes me away from chess... for 9 hours.... well sleep also i guess. I should be able to beat anyone in that building where i work. But what if the security guy did some P time. And he does a crazy sacrifice-combination-jedi-kung-foo-guitar-hero-mate-in-56-move combo that makes you shake his hand and say good game.




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