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try chessing it up a couple of points

try chessing it up a couple of points

Dec 17, 2009, 6:12 PM 0

So as of a couple of weeks i started posting open challenges to 200+ and below. I still get people in my range and people below my range, more often then less i encounter people with 200+ points. At the beginning i was really afraid of engaging in such battles because if felt i would just die within seconds. By die i mean checkmate, sorry for the dramatics. But yeah, die. I already have chess buddies that are well over 200+ and did pretty bad. So i decided to start practicing my openings with the chess master. So besides having the 40 plus games online tru online chess, i used my board to play out DURING calls games with the assistance of the online opening thingie. Ive discussed this already but bare with me. So i would follow the most popular responses to whatever the computer would throw at me on the tournament level on the initiates (1200-1600) level. Ive still not won a single game but I've managed to on my own be able to hold my ground pretty well with higher rated players here without the aid of the opening explorer. I may use the analyze feature once in a while but not too often. Its made my game improve. I think my theory of playing from my level to below only set the bar to a certain level. Playing higher rated players has shown me amazing levels of possibility at the middle and end game. And also made me some good friends. So i recommend you play higher rated players. And do it on rated. Always play rated. Well except if i want to play someone and they would only play me unrated, but that's different, you don't go to someones house and tell them how to arrange the furniture.

Ress chules.

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