What happens if my kids hate chess?

What happens if my kids hate chess?

Jul 29, 2009, 9:21 PM |

...Ive heard stories. Ive seen stereotypes. Keep in mind, I'm central American. As far as i know its a respectable thing, this thing we do. These battles on a board. Game of games... oh yeah back to the point. Is it true that people in the U.S. consider chess players social outcast? Are you or where you the GEEK in your: class, school, county, state? Where there any black metal chess masters? Captain of the football team couldn't even spell chess? Is that also a stereotype from me? Am i a hypocrite? Who cares. What really matters is that I'm under the impression that in the United States its uncool to be smart, to have an imagination, to be naturally good at games and theory. In my country, like i bet it is in evil Communist china, or Utopia Europe (we here are sold the idea that Europe is the place to be, not the US), it is prestigious to play chess. People buy plastic sets and lay them in the living room center table to feel smart. The smarter and more poser-esque of that intellectual level do.

But then, who are all these people with US flags by their names? These wonderful players. Committed scholars and columnists, and just great reads? (I love my daily puzzles). I just praise those people that fall into that category. Little dude, if you're 12 and instead of being a fart brain video game drone, you're playing chess... Feel proud. If you're compete in a live tournament... receive my admiration. No matter what you drive.

In my city you'll always find a chess game in 1 place. No wait 2 places FOR SURE. The national university campus, and at the FIDE headquarters center of strategic affairs. And of course the events created by this body. I wonder if i could just walk up and sign up for an open tournament. I cant imagine what the experience must be like.

I lost a queen today after going on bla bla-ing  thru the chat screen about the importance of not making mechanical moves. Instant karma. The golden rule. Never think your unbeatable. No one is... maybe bobby. No wait he lost a few games. So, if bobby loses YOU WILL LOSE TOO. So hear me out. How about this for a mind set: 

"you'll eventually lose"

should we then treat defeat as a privilege for my opponent? Should we save victories over us to people who deserve them? Well i guess that is an over complicated reverse of "do your best". But you get the idea. Play to win. Ive read some peoples notes on how they're not aggressive. What i do is, if I'm about to make a passive move to set some evil defence (that has so far lots of holes), i ask this to myself: What is the move that would inflict the most damage. OR better yet. Where would my queen reek havoc? That poisoned pawn place is my favorite for newbs (how dare i call anyone a newb, the nerve. The insolence). In the heat you cant forget about it. Unless you fall for it like me. Over and over again.

To get to that place you have to plan ahead. To do that, you have to know the opportunity is there. I don't know, maybe higher chess is about memorizing positions and gambling with probabilities. With the odds being in my favor, considering y memorized the general grounds for the likely outcomes.

Im not touching a game tonite. Well maybe a few special ones, but i have to go to sleep. For tomorrow i have my morning chess and coffee. From 8 to 12