What to do with my time? and the chamber of secrets.

What to do with my time? and the chamber of secrets.

Aug 6, 2009, 9:10 PM |

This is part 2 of my favorite activities in the search of chess universal conquest or whatever...

    1- Chess partner hard mode games

Put it in HARD and let it harden your head. I personally hate that cheeky java piece of.... its wonderfull for blunders.

    2- mail chess here
If youre here you already play it. Challenge me and lets play a game.

    3-live chess here

My suggestion is to get a board. A nice cheap plastic stauton tournament board. Play 1 game at a time and filter for people from your rating down. Its a treat.

    4-live chess on Cbase server

Same deal as with the live play here, except you cant filter and the players can be ruthless. So brace for impact. A bit more IRC ish environment. Its great.

    5- Character play on Masschester (15-10)

Masschester is just Chessmaster i figured thats pretty obvious. But DANG i get my best training from playing those characters on 15-10 mode. My elo in Masschester is usually 200 below my elo here. But at least they both move together.

    5-Tactics cardio on masschester.

There is a level in Masschester thats called drills. Its like the tactics trainier here, just crapier. The one here is amazing.

    6-Playing another human live.

I almost never get to do this. But its super fun.

    7-Pgn watching for other peoples famous games

I have to admit ive become lazy to this very important excercise. I just havent figured out a way to make it more interactive and productive.

    8-Puzzle solvin here

Just click the link and enjoy. Dont cheat. Solve them. It hard but its worth it. I promise.