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Just a tip for an IM-norm!
When I scored my first International Master norm I thought the other two will be easy. But it's not that easy as I thought! Since I have played in two tournaments where I had a chance to score a norm and I was so close but at the end I could not achieve. For example, last week I had to score only 1 point out of 2 games for a norm but I lose both my games. So You should concentrate until the end and can't relax before the tournament has been finished! And be confident in yourself! Last tournament I started with 2/0 and I've almost scored an IM-norm!


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    Benjamin, good luck in becoming an IM. I agree with Adaar, it is just a matter of time

  • 4 years ago

    NM Adaar

    Since you are getting so close, I'm sure its just a matter of time now.

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