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    • The Magic VIII

      Some days ago the Banska Stiavnica tournament has been finished. There is a link to the tournament, where you can find all of my games: organization was perfect, there were 31 live boards and as a young and "talented... | Read More

    • The Magic VII.

      Just a tip how to develop your middlegame strength!There is 3 different level in this theme:1) This level is between 2000 and 2300. At this level, it's important to find a good plan for yourself. You can find a lot of example in general books.2) T... | Read More

    • The Magic VI:

      Just a tip how to study chess without a trainer! If you study chess without a trainer, I suppose you should not focus on only one thing, but try to learn more things instead. I mean, do not only study opening variations, but also learn middle- an... | Read More

    • The Magic V:

      Just a tip for an IM-norm! When I scored my first International Master norm I thought the other two will be easy. But it's not that easy as I thought! Since I have played in two tournaments where I had a chance to score a norm and I was so close ... | Read More

    • The Magic IV.

      If you lose a game, you shouldn't be in a bad mood, instead try to play chess with a bigger enthusiasm. Although it's easier to say than done, because I start a tournament badly, usually I finish it in a same way. But of course I had some tourna... | Read More

    • The Magic III

      If you play against a stronger opponent, respect him/her, but if you have a better position don't agree to draw. BUT! When you feel your position is better but highly unclear and you don't know what to do, it's better to agree the draw. Even if yo... | Read More

    • The Magic II

      I think if You are not as strong like a FIDE Master, You should not use computer, or at least, use it much less. Up to this level, You should have a normal opening repertoire, and instead of studying a lot of openings (as a lot a player do), You s... | Read More

    • The Magic

      I think You can be better at chess if you are looking games from very strong grandmasters, e.g. Carlsen, Aronian,Anand,Kramnik,Leko. You can find videos at which will help You becoming a better player! | Read More