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The Magic VI:

The Magic VI:

May 16, 2013, 8:20 AM 5
Just a tip how to study chess without a trainer!
If you study chess without a trainer, I suppose you should not focus on only one thing, but try to learn more things instead. I mean, do not only study opening variations, but also learn middle- and endgames.
For example, I spend my mornings with solving combinations, usually 10 or 20 pieces. Then, I analyse opening variations and in the afternoons I play on the internet and/or study middle- and endgames. It is worth to make a time schedule in the previus day or even in the previous week about what do you want to do!
Another reason why not to study only openings (even if it's interesting) is: in 90% of the training times you look openings with the coach (or at least, in my practice)!

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