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The Magic VIII

The Magic VIII

Jul 16, 2013, 5:50 AM 3

Some days ago the Banska Stiavnica tournament has been finished. There is a link to the tournament, where you can find all of my games: http://www.livechess.sk/en/
The organization was perfect, there were 31 live boards and as a young and "talented" player I had been invited for the tournament.

Some words about my games:

1st round: I led the black pieces against Lukac Roman (SVK, 2126). I played the Taimanov Sicilian and managed to win.
2nd round: I was white against Németh Dénes (HUN, 2256). The Sicilian Dragon has arisen and I got a winning position but unfortunately I blundered two pawns and lost the game.
In the 3rd and 4th round I won without any problem.
5th round: I was black against Peterson Eric (SVK, FM 2239). He played the Morra Gambit. I should have played 7...e6 instead of 7...dxe5 after which I lost the game quickly.
In round 6 and 7 I won.
8th round: I was white against Plachetka Jan (SVK, GM 2355). I wanted to surprise him with something he hadn't faced, because he has a huge experience in the Sicilians. I played 1.e4,c5 2.Nf3,e6 3.g3, which is a fresh line. I have played it in some games. It would have been slightly better for me if he could not play b5 later on. Finally, the game ended in a draw.
In the final round my opponent was Kochetkova Julia (SKV, WGM 2328) with black. I knew that I had to win this game and I managed to do this. She played 1.e4,c5 2.Nf3,Nc6 3.Bb5. Fortunately, I play this line with white, so I knew what to do. In the middlegame an unclear position has arisen but I managed to win the game with a piece sacrifice.
Finally, I finished the tournament with losing 7 rating points and with a 2313 performance. I hope it will be better.
My next tournament will be the World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad 2013, which starts on July 21st. You can folow the tournament in this link: http://wyco2013.cqyc.org.cn/webschool/News/en/

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