slow chess, the real chess!

slow chess, the real chess!

Mar 22, 2014, 6:47 AM |

that's right!! slow chess is the real chess. if you want to improve your chess ability and develop your thought process then slow chess is the way to go.

by slow chess, i meant the games with time control of 30 mins or 45 mins or even can also say that correspondence games are slow chess.however, correspondence games will help you improve if you make a move using your brain, not with the help of computers.

but still correspondence chess won't teach you how to play in time pressure.many players while playing correspondence games analyse their position making moves on the board which is helpful in developing your analysis ability, but not-so-good for developing your visualisation.

hence slow chess played with a time control of 30 min or 45 min is provides a good opportunity to develop one's though process,time management as well as visualisation. 

but apart from the playing chess OTB, where else can i play slow chess? 

well, you can play slow chess on different chess sites.however, the sad fact is  the chess internet servers have many players who play blitz and bullet. it becomes difficult to find players to play slow chess.

fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.


this group particularly offers players a lot of games to be played in a month the best part is that you can negotiate with your opponent about your chosed time and date to play a game.

after joining this group :

1) participate in league qualifier which opens the door to other tournaments

2) chess quads

3) weekly games

4) slow tournaments

also, this group has quite a exciting forum- my last lesson with Dan. which showcases the lessons given by dan in dialogue format!!

this group even has its own newsletter which contains information about upcoming tournaments,puzzles, annonated games by Dan himself and also showcases other member's poems,story etc..

there are lots of other things in this big group. 

BE Part of DHLC and improve your chess!

now, time for analysing a few games played between DHLC members. i have already stated that i have started this blog with the sole purpose of publising my analysis and my views on the games which would be helpful to the low rated players.

i must add one thing. these DHLC games are quite instructive.

Game 1 : "slowly and steadily wins the game"

this game particularly shows how one can grind his opponent.

game 2 : "openings can be improved if you are tactically good"

game 3 : "badly placed pieces cause self-destruction"


i hope to meet you in DHLC :)