Medieval Chess Piece Sells For Unbelievable Price
The recently discovered medieval chess piece brings a high price at auction. Photo by Tristan Fewings of Sotheby’s.

Medieval Chess Piece Sells For Unbelievable Price

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A medieval chess piece, part of the historic collection known as the Lewis Chessmen, was sold at auction today (July 2) for £735,000 (more than U.S. $928,000 or 821,000 euros). The piece had been bought in 1964 for only £5 by an antiques dealer.

The piece, made from walrus ivory, had been kept by the buyer’s family after his death without realizing its value before taking it to Sotheby’s in London to assess its worth. The new owner of the piece has not yet been identified.

The long-lost standing warder of the Lewis Chessmen collection has a new owner. Photo by Tristan Fewings of Sotheby’s.

To read more about the discovery and importance of this piece, read my earlier post about this topic.

Whom do you think the buyer is?

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