Coffee in Norkopping, Sweden


There is still a lot of snow on the ground from the last couple of days. It’s been a light snow but constant over 24 hours. The final tally this morning is about three inches. The sun comes up around 9 am and is gone by 3 pm so it’s pretty much dark all the time. Today I took advantage of the light.


I went into Norkopping for a coffee.


In Finspang at 12:05 I stepped onto the 410 bus for a 45 minute ride. I met my friend Christian and his daughter Laura at the bus depot in Norkopping. Together we walked down Queens street. Along the cobbled street fir trees were tied to lampposts and Christmas lights lit the windows. The bell tower on the town hall rang loudly four times then chimed once. An electric trolley passed down the middle of the street wearing a Christmas hat over its main headlight. Witnessing Santa’s sleigh and four reindeer outlined in lights on the side of the trolley as it passed. We walked along the cobblestones until we reached the entrance to the mall eight blocks later. The mall is four blocks long and connected by walkways with a variety of stores.


As we stepped into the door the smell of perfume and closeness of people busily collecting presents filled the air with a cheeriness that was contagious. In the between the third and forth section of the mall we rode the elevator to the second floor where a shop serving lunch and coffee sits with glass windows overlooking the street below. The street is only for walking and has a square outlined by handrails. The handrails are topped with cut fir branches and a 20 foot fir tree sits in the middle covered in white lights. Christian said that they serve coffee down in the square during the summer. I had a Cappuccino, Christian had a coke and Laura had a banana milkshake. Laura wanted an ice cream and Christian was able to find a strawberry flavored drumstick which made her happy.


On the way back through the mall we detoured at the second section and headed back out towards Queens street where a McDonalds sits at the junction. It turns out that McDonalds is very popular in Sweden and Christian and Laura wanted to stop. Christian had the Big Mac meal while Laura had chicken nuggets, fries with ketchup, carrots and orange juice. Laura wanted a drink of Christians coke then made a sour face and handed it back to him. I think she just liked the cup it was in. Two cheeseburgers, fries and a small coke later we were headed towards King street.


Walking along the cobbled sidewalk we passed several pieces of bronze art and a park. On the opposite side of Kings street is the opera house and a waterway with a spillover. The spillover is lit with colored lights at night. The architecture in this neighborhood is very old and several textile warehouses have been renovated into restaurants, pubs and housing. Returning to the top of the street I waved goodbye to my friends and stepped onto the 410 bus headed back to Finspang.


It was a good day for coffee in Norkopping, Sweden.