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Analysing the position - Dynamic Element

Analysing the position - Dynamic Element

Sep 7, 2015, 8:24 AM 1

If a chess position contains no clear static strategic elements and we cannot create any in a few moves then we need to rely on the dynamic strategic element in this case.

If we think of the position at the beginning of a game of chess there are no static elements and no tactical elements and we therefore turn to dynamic strategy and play to control the centre with moves like 1.e4, 1.d4 etc  Every time we fight for the initiative, seek to control the center, restrict the mobility of our opponents pieces or improve our own pieces etc we are utilising the dynamic strategic element.

In the game which follows white utilises the dynamic strategic element and resists the temptation to impose a static element on the position which would only be to blacks advantage.

Of course every chess position may contain both static and dynamic elements and its up to the chess player to evaluate the value of these strategic elements deciding which one is the most important and using it to form plans and ideas.

My thanks go to all the artists and musicians who made this video possible and especially to the software engineers who coded the open source software to make the creation of this video possible. Created using Ubuntu Studio : 




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