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Analysis of an amateur game

Analysis of an amateur game

Jan 29, 2016, 12:29 PM 0

Analysing our finished games is considered to be one of the best ways of improving in chess.  We attempt to ascertain and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, what our thought process was and why we chose the moves that we did.  In the process chess becomes a learning experience regardless of who won or lost.

The game itself was relatively interesting.  My opponent an 1800 rated player opened with the English opening but we soon transposed into a Slav.  He pushed an early c5 which appeared to me to release the tension on the center and to give black some minor space advantage once he was able to orchestrate the freeing move ....e5.  White played a prophylactic move designed to reduce the Kings Knights mobility but it came at the cost of slightly weakening his own kingside.  At the time it did not look like much but many small events eventually accumulate and black was able to find a small tactic which led to an unopposed passed pawn.  White blundered a rook and black had a significant material advantage although the white bishops remained strong.  

See if you can find the winning combination.

Here is the full game with some little annotations which may be of interest to some beginner and intermediate players.


Once again I am thankful to all the musicians and artists whose material i have used.  I have credited those whose work they were generous enough to share.




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