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Basic chess strategy : Pawn Nail II

Basic chess strategy : Pawn Nail II

Oct 2, 2016, 3:03 PM 0

In the first chess lesson we discovered that a pawn nail has certain strengths.  It curtails or can hamper the development of ones opponents pieces and can provide a basis for attack.  In this lesson we discuss its weaknesses, e.g it depends on support from major pieces and may become isolated due to lack of support from any adjacent pawns and it may be possible to exploit this usually via some type of concerted attack from the flanks.


The illustrative game was played in Moscow, in 1996 and features with the white pieces Boris Gelfand and with the black pieces, Gary Kasparov in which black is able to prevent white supporting the advanced pawn and eventually surrounds it and wins it in instructive fashion.


Check out the following game.







My thanks go to those artists and musicians whose work I have utilised to make an otherwise dry subject palatable and I provide accreditation links below where possible - many thanks Robbie (MSK chess)


Video edited with Ubuntu Studio and Gimp 2.6.



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